Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome January

Happy (belated) New Year! Can you believe it's Jan 2nd already? Christmas was only last week! Where did all the time go?

Anyway, today was day one of twenty nine days remaining of full time work left before I move away for University study in Melbourne. It was certainly strenuous (to say the least!) trying to get myself out of bed at 6am, my attempt to re discover my early-bird working routine failed miserably, so I'm thankful I have twenty nine days to perfect it! (not really, I'd rather be sleeping any day!)

This month is really jam-packed because of the move and trying to fit in day trips to Melbourne in between working, which is great because I love keeping busy. On that note, next week I re-begin my fitness regime: two one hour intense sessions twice per week at a fantastic fitness class. I'm excited because over Christmas, I seriously ate for Australia. I had given up a lot of fast food and soft drink for about three months and so treated myself, multiple times ...per day. It was worth it though, I enjoy being able to splurge every now and then, however now I'm feeling it, and my body is paying for it. Today on my lunch break I had my normal sandwich-apple-juice combo and it was so bland and boring, I'd really gotten used to salty snacks and deep-fried meals. I used to really look forward to a healthy and convenient school-like lunch! It's going to take some time and suffering to look forward to eating that again. Sigh!

Also, with the last month of work, and thus, the last of the flow of regular income, comes my last attempt at budgeting and attempting to save as much as I can from the last few pay checks I receive. I'm putting away substantially more than what I did all of last year, which I'm capable of doing if I don't go looking in Sportsgirl or scrolling through Modcloth. I have a few outgoings this month (phone bill etc), but I'm sticking to my guns! Save, save, save! Hopefully I continue to have this strength (or ideal of strength) saved up when I'm walking through the shopping plaza on my lunch break! Today I already nearly blew it when I saw a nice dress...

So, what does January, and indeed, the rest of 2014 hold for you?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

House Inspection

Last week, my boyfriend and I began the first of many back and forth house inspection trips to Melbourne before the big move (hopefully) at the end of the month/early February! It is so exciting yet so nerve racking. All the months we have spent anxiously waiting whilst we work and save, thinking moments like these would never come!

We arrived in sunny Melbourne mid morning and headed straight to our first appointment. As we arrived into the street, I was instantly intrigued. All brand new apartments, semi-quiet area (the hustle of traffic is always humming slightly), walking distance to University and other amenities. Perfect, I thought. 

As we inspected the inside of the property, I wasn't disappointed. Clean, white and spacious. Energy efficient appliances. Great view of the area, and the city nestled in the skyline. After deliberating and ensuring that the property adhered to our specifications, we requested a rental application immediately.

Here are some snaps from our trip:

Who knew rental applications could be so time consuming?! I'm sending it off to the real estate tomorrow and hopefully we hear good news within the next week or so!